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Fibromyalgia and Diet – 1 week off the sugar

1 week in, and a lot less sugar eaten!

Now, I feel like I need to explain something. When I say sugar free, what I really mean is refined sugar free, and as explained in my last post, there may be the odd occasion where I still have refined sugar, just because I deserve it. This is also a path towards being refined sugar free, and will take time to break the habit. Naturally occurring sugars on the other hand, they’re ok, in moderation, and some occur in foods are helpful in my journey, such as honey and fruit.

So how did I get on this past week? Well I think I did quite well. I only had refined sugar on two occasions, once in a San Pellegrino drink with a meal, and on Saturday my family brought me a small packet of jelly peaches (my favourite), and well, it would have been rude not to eat them!

Some things that have helped in cutting down so dramatically

  • Eating fresh food
  • Cooking from scratch
  • Eating some damn delicious seasonal food
  • Keeping hydrated has helped keep the pop cravings at bay
  • My porridges in the morning have been a welcome sweet treat

So yes, I’ve had two little bits of refined sugar, but considering I was having a little here and there most days I think thats a major improvement! So Im giving myself a little pat on the back (and not eating sweets) to congratulate myself.

However, its all very well cutting out the sugar, which alone will have many health benefits, but have I actually felt these benefits yet and has it been worth it? Well, I’m pleased to report I haven’t had as many post lunch slumps, I’m much less bloated, and I’ve worked through the headaches. I’ve still had some evenings of muscle weakness, fibromyalgia fog is still rife and I’m still super tired by the end of the day, but on the whole I feel much much better in the daytime hours, which are the most important hours right? I never thought it would be the answer to all of my problems, but all the little pieces of the puzzle link up to improve my symptoms. Totally worth it in my eyes!

It wouldn’t be Monday if I didn’t share with you some of my recent foodie adventures!

Good old coconut porridge with strawberries, flaked almonds, chia seeds, accidental poppy seeds and honey.
Coconut porridge with banana, raspberries, strawberries pecans and mint. Try mint if you have berries on you porridge, it all goes so well together.
Superfood salad from Gails Bakery
More coconut porridge with strawberries, banana, pecans and mint.
Homemade blackberry and maple compote, inspired by 26 Grains.
In a quest to stop buying salad at work I made my very own sushi salad bowl inspired by this months Good Food Magazine.
Chocolate porridge made with coconut milk, topped with blackberry maple compote and peanut butter. Inspired by 26 Grains.

That it for this weeks food adventures, all taken on the long road to thriving with Fibromyalgia. Stay tuned for more fibromyalgia and food related posts coming up this week.

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Toodle pip!



7 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and Diet – 1 week off the sugar

  1. 👏👏 glad to hear that. I stopped taking sugar a long while now and I’ve also added soda to the cancelled zone and I have to say it has really improved my fatigue and general malaise. I have also added aerobics in my daily routine. The improvement is massive. Not 100% but massive. Keep up fellow warrior.

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    1. Sorry it has taken me so long to answer! Yes the sugar thing has been a problem for many years for me, but finally reached a healthy relationship with it. I wouldn’t say I’m sugar free, but very much sugar lite! Glad it has helped you too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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