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Fibromyalgia and Nutrition 2018 – Week 1

Good evening!

I can’t quite believe a week has passed since my last blog post and we are already 8 days into 2018! Crazy!

2018 has gotten off to a good start. My New Year Fibromyalgia flare up has settled and I’m now back to normal levels of symptoms, my nutrition plan is back on track and I’m feeling good. Hoping to hold on to the new year feeling for as long as possible!

The major change for me since new year has been the exclusion of meat from my diet. I’ve been considering it for quite some time now, and I’ve started off with just aiming to get through January, but I’m feeling so good I may just keep it out altogether (mostly). I’m not vegan (although I have had more vegan days than not and strongly considering it) as I’m still eating eggs, fish and honey, but they are the only animal products I am now eating.

So why the change? Well, I just wanted to see how it would make me feel, as I know from monitoring my fibromyalgia symptoms that I generally feel better on meat free days. My digestion is usually better and my energy levels higher, and these two areas can be particularly bothersome to me.

On top of that I’m beginning to have some real issues with the animal industry, and the way animals are treated for our own cheap personal gain. But that’s a story for another day and forum.

I imagined it would be difficult to cut out meat, as I’m not a massive carb eater and so wondered where on earth I would get my energy from, but honestly it hasn’t been all that hard. I’ve explored new recipes, gotten my zest back for cooking, and actually vegan and meat free recipes are quick and cheap to cook. So lots of wins!

I’ve found my favourite free from cookbooks as well as Vegan Life magazine particularly helpful in meal planning, and have enjoyed the variety of vegetables I am getting in every day, far exceeding my 5 a day for sure! I’ll try and reference back any recipes I’ve used below!

The only downside…. I’m hungry 😂 but let’s face it, we could all do with being a little hungry after the festive season, and it does make me enjoy my food much much more!

Anyway, without further ado, here’s this weeks highlights! Details at the bottom of the post!

Poached egg with avocado on gluten free toast

Top to bottom

And that’s it!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to talk about how adapting your diet to managing your fibromyalgia symptoms can help you! I can be found over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Toodle pip!


6 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and Nutrition 2018 – Week 1

  1. Hi Sarah, Happy New Year to you. I just stumbled across your blog and was really interested to read about how you’ve recently changed your diet. Having previously been a meat eater (not loads ) I signed up to the Veganuary as I was keen to see if that would reduce some of my fibromyalgia symptoms. I’ve loved going back to proper homemade cooking and I’ve eaten loads! Healthy nutritious 3 meals a day! But I am also hungry and wonder if this due to less protein in my diet? I’m really missing eggs 😕 and I’m eating more carbs than usual to fill me up so I’m not losing weight!! However although I’m just getting through a flare up I do think the diet change has helped me get over it quicker than previous flare ups? I shall see how I get on! Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for your posts and I will look forward to reading how your getting on x

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    1. Hi! Thanks for commenting 🙂 it’s good to hear you are taking to proactive positive steps towards controlling your symptoms.

      My dietary journey actually started a year ago. I tried to do a lot of it myself but only eating organic food and cutting out anything artificial, like sweeteners and colours. Then last February/March time I went to a naturopathic nutritionist, and also cut out dairy and gluten and started to add in anti inflammatory foods….. towards the end of last year I also cut right back on refined sugars, and now have cut out meat 😂😂 it’s been a slow progression, and not putting too much pressure on myself to be perfect with it and never eat these things again (after all, life is too short) but honestly I do feel better without them.

      Amongst the dietary changes I also do other things to help control my symptoms and generally share what I’m eating once a week to help other get an idea of what they can eat and to not be scared of the change!

      Good luck with your journey, do let me know how you get on!


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