Fibromyalgia and Me

Fibromyalgia and Me – Normal Service To Be Resumed

Dearest Readers,

Hugest apologies for the quiet blogging activity this week. Its been a challenging week. This is just a short post to explain why and to show you I’m still alive!

This week I got my first cold of this year after working hard on repairing my immune system following last years insult. While on the one hand I was celebrating not getting a cold in so long, I was also feeling sorry for myself as when I get a virus, my Gilbert’s Syndrome kicks in and makes me tired, and my fibromyalgia loses the run of itself a little. However, it was short lived, no time off work was required and despite my laziness in the kitchen I have still managed to remain gluten and dairy free. Every cloud…..

Coupled with this was my last week of a phased return at work and a ramping up of activity as I am no longer wrapping myself up in cotton wool and avoiding stressful situations. After all, I am there to do a job and do it I will. I am learning it is not the stressful situation itself that causes a peak in my fibromyalgia symptoms but rather the way I handle them. I am almost at full time hours and this is making me more tired than I would like to be, but think this is mainly because I have been poorly too. My main thing to work on when I get back is taking an actual break now my hours are going to be full time, I’m terrible at taking a break and I know it will make me unwell. I get so into things that I find it hard to walk away for the short 30 minute break I need. Any suggestions would be welcome!

In order to get thorough the week I decided to just focus on getting over the cold and getting through my week at work. I can honestly say I haven’t done much else, but I did get through it. However, it meant that I had to withdraw myself from social media, blogging and awareness raising for just a little while. I also had to skip my submission for a magazine article in July.

Do I feel bad about this? Hell no. My blogging and social media awareness activities are not my job, midwifery is. My health and family equally come first and without either I am not very much at all. Midwifery comes up very quickly behind in third place. So these three things had to be my priority this week.

I am now on annual leave (yippee), and all packed up for a few nights away with the family. Countryside, walking, family, and fun awaits, and so does my blog. I’m planning on using a little of the time on blogging, without the time constraints I am usually against, but the holiday fun will of course come first.

Over on Instagram I will be sharing some of the highlights of my holiday to demonstrate that despite chronic illness, spoonies just want to and can have fun. It doesn’t come without its challenges but the fun will far outweigh the consequences.

For now, I am relaxing with the tigers, on the sofa, dreaming of the country. I’m planning my next weeks posts, and reflecting on the week that has just been. I’m focusing on how I can use my week off work to get a better handle on the fibromyalgia as I have kind of lost my grip on it with being ill this week. Finally I am hoping that ALL of you have had a blessed week and are happy with life.

Toodle pip!


5 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and Me – Normal Service To Be Resumed

  1. I hope you have a wonderful time on holiday! I work in the NHS too and I find it really helps when I actually take my lunch break and don’t eat at my desk. I go to the staff room, have a flick through Instagram and relax for a bit. It really refreshes me for the afternoon 🙂

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