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Fibromyalgia and Diet – Week 11

Hi guys!

So today I turned another year older but feel about ten years older than last year! Its been a lovely weekend and day spent with my favourite humans and I’m thankful for this birthday and all the greetings that come with it.

It been an OK week on the fibromyalgia front. My evenings have been a bit on the tired and painful side but I’m still sleeping relatively ok. Not waking up particularly refreshed in the mornings though. What I’m most thankful for is that my best cognitive hours are when I’m at work, and thats not to say I’m that rubbish for the rest of the time, but at least I am able to do a job I love, and to do it well enough.

Last Friday was Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, and what a day it was. So much activity on social media and lots of visits to the blog which is always rewarding when you spend time typing up these little nuggets of information for people πŸ™‚ you can find the start of me new series of posts, Fibromyalgia and Me here.

It been a bit quiet on the cooking front, due juggling work and family commitments, as well as the boy starting a new job, so we’ve been going for quick and easy meals, with a bit of the comfort factor in them given the unseasonably cool weather. What I hope this shows however is that even without much effort you can still create tasty homemade food that meets your dietary needs. Heres the highlights!

You probably all know by now my love for breakfast. It was a cloudy morning on this particular morning and the strawberries reminded me of sunshine πŸ™‚ almond milk porridge with banana, strawberries, and chia seeds.
This is an adapted version of my smoothie recipe here, I simply replaced the peanut butter with strawberries and raspberries for breakfast in a hurry.
I refused to apologise on Instagram and I refuse to apologise here. Comfort food was craved so comfort food it was! Gluten free sausages with dairy free mash and beans.
Gluten and Dairy Free Spaghetti Bolognese
Last weeks featured recipe, spaghetti bolognese. Both gluten and dairy free, you can find the recipe here.
Coconut Victoria sponge – Oh my, what a lovely cake this was. My first attempt at a gluten and dairy free sponge and what a lovely things it was. Still working on the dairy free frosting, but even though it started off runny it soon firmed up and still tasted amazing. Hoping to have the recipe for this up later in the week.

So thats it for this week. I hope you have all had a great week. As ever I would love it if you came and said hello over on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. I promise I’m friendly!

Toodle pip!


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