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Fibromyalgia and Diet – Week 9

What a week of eating! As I wrote the title of this blog I can’t quite believe that it has already been 9 weeks since I have been treating my fibromyalgia through changes in my diet. What initially started out as cutting out anything artificial and processed, has evolved into also cutting out gluten, dairy, and on most days refined sugar (although I do allow myself to have the occasional treat!). I have also learnt to embrace anti inflammatory foods, a series of which I have started writing about within this blog (see posts about ACV and Alliums). Through these simple changes I have noticed a marked difference in my energy levels, my skin, hair and nails, my pain levels, and my resistance to bugs. My fibromyalgia related bowel symptoms have also pretty much cleared up, with the odd exception.

What has also been great about cutting out the nasties from my diet (as I refer to them), is that I no longer have to worry about how much I eat. Which is good because I love eating. I’ve been eating more in quantity of food than I ever used to eat and in 9 weeks I have lost 17lbs without even trying, even with all the cake! My appetite is also more under control without the rollercoaster of blood sugars surging through my body, which is simply down to the changes. My body is working better, feeling better, and ad someone who has always struggle with body image, I’ll never pass up a compliment or two when they come my way.

So here’s to another week of good eating and a healthier future. This week is a bit heavy on the breakfast front, only because I’ve been really enjoying it this week, will work on sharing more lunches and dinners net week!

The coconut collaborative mango and passionfruit yogurt
I’d been looking for something thicker and altogether more interesting than soya yoghurt as my dairy free alternative and was delighted to find this little pot of delight from The Coconut Collaborative in my Sainburys Local on my way home from work one day!
Omelette Pizza
I had been meaning to share a post on my omelette pizza’s but that was shelved when I got sick a week or so ago (what was that I said about resistance to bugs??!). I really enjoy this as a quick and filling lunch, and what’s great is that you can pretty much just stick anything on top that you have in the fridge.
Comforting Gluten and Dairy Free Cottage Pie
Last weeks featured recipe on the blog was this comforting cottage pie which went down well in our house seeing as winter returned last week at the end of April!
Overnight Vanilla Chia Pudding with Rhubarb Compote
Ok, I’ll admit, I really do not like the texture of overnight chia seeds, but the taste was alright. The rhubarb compote was delish, made with rhubarb grown on our allotment, oranges and ginger. If you are tempted by overnight chia then I used this recipe. Oh, and chia seeds are super healthy!
Porridge made with almond milk, banana, pumpkin and chia seeds
I had to forgive the chia seeds for their insult to my mouth with this lovely bowl of porridge, I don’t think I could ever get bored of porridge!
A trip into Kingston had to mean my first trip to Glutopia this weekend, a shop that specialise in gluten and vegan cupcakes. This chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were amazing and they will be able to count of my custom! They also do the most amazing celebration cakes for those special occasions. 
Yes, more porridge. I’ve really enjoyed using mint and edible flowers on my porridge this week, and they look super pretty too!

Now for the usual stuff, you can follow my journey on Instagram if you want a feast for the eyes, or Facebook and Twitter if you wantbto keep more up to date on recent news, research and information on Fibromyalgia. I look forward to sharing the journey with you as I continue to rise from the beast!

Toodle pip!


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