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Fibromyalgia and Diet – Week 7

Welcome back to another weekly round up of what can now only be described as food porn! I’m slowly getting together more recipes to share but obviously need to not overdo things, so I apologise if some posts are a little slow in arriving. My plan is to share one recipe a week, that I have particularly enjoyed and think other people will enjoy too. By doing this it also gives me time to write my other posts and get the recipes just right before sharing!

This week has been all about getting ready for the height of growing season at the allotment, and the food we grow will feature more and more as the year goes on. Seasonal eating at its best. We’ve already had our first crop of rhubarb which we have been scoffing every day, and we still can’t get through it. So some of you will be lucky enough, if you ask nicely, to get some (honestly, please help). Hubby has worked super hard at getting lots of seeds in the ground that are already flourishing and we ordered some more over the weekend to keep us going for as long as possible.

As ever all of this weeks dishes are gluten free, dairy free, and suitable for an anti inflammatory diet. Enjoy!

Thai Green Chicken Curry Soup
I made this soup for myself and a friend at the beginning of the week, inspired by this recipe from Waitrose. The sweetcorn made a really tasty addition to the soup. She even enjoyed it so much that she made more later in the week!
Last weeks feature recipe, a tangy, awakening Rhubarb and Orange smoothie, you can the recipe here, honestly, try it, you’ll love it!
For this salad I pretty much just chucked everything I had in the fridge on a plate and it worked really well! The green beans were griddled lightly and served with plenty of prosciutto, and egg and some lambs lettuce.
To ease off the potato a little we decided to have our homemade beef burger on a gluten free bun with some homemade aubergine fries. Inspiration taken from The Happy Coeliac blog here. Not sure how healthy they are covered in sea salt, but they tasted great!
Excitingly we got some wild garlic in our fruit and veg delivery this week and it went really well in an omelette. I then used the omelette as a ‘pizza’ base and topped with some salad, pine nuts and balsamic dressing. Will share this recipe later this week.
I cannot even begin to tell you how much I loved this! By far my favourite breakfast this week. I made some homemade lemon curd on Good Friday, which needs a little tweaking, but it went so well in my first go at a mason jar breakfast. Served with coconut dairy free yoghurt and homemade granola.
Allotment life
Easter Sunday was full of signs of new life! we harvested even more rhubarb, and the apple trees and strawberries have blossomed nicely! Can’t want for harvest time!

I hope you have found something on here that will inspire you to try something new this week. Remember, I am a busy mum of two and would not share anything that I feel is too tricky to make, or that takes too long. Meal planning helps in getting the balance between time spent in the kitchen and time spent on other things.

Apologies if you have missed the fish dishes, I am still eating plenty of oily fish but thought you might like to see something different. Plus I practically inhale fish so it rarely makes it to photo!

As I always say, you can check out all things gluten and dairy free, and chronic illness related in other sections of this blog, or by follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All links are along the right hand menus of this page!

Toodle pip!



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