Recipe – Rhubarb and orange breakfast smoothie

Sometimes you need an awakening of the senses in the morning and nothing does this better than a really punchy yet tasty smoothie. So today, we devised our own recipe for a rhubarb and orange smoothie based on one we found in the River Cottage Light and Easy cookbook, which has been a godsend since being gluten and dairy free, and a steal at only £6! We have more rhubarb growing in the allotment than I have ever seen, and if I eat all in a crumble, well, I dread to think what might happen to me!

Not only is this smoothie tasty, but like all good smoothies, it is pretty awesomely healthy too. Rhubarb stalks (DO NOT eat the leaves, they are terribly poisonous) are known to have powerful anti inflammatory benefits, as well as being packed with properties that can benefit digestion, and protect kidney function. It is also documented that Rhubarb promotes anti cancer activity.

There are many arguments as to whether citrus fruits are anti inflammatory, or whether they make inflammation worse. Some say that citrus fruits contain properties that are powerfully anti inflammatory, while others argue that in some people they can contribute to the development of chronic inflammatory diseases. Personally I don’t seem to suffer any ill effect from citrus fruits, when consumed in moderation. I love the taste of a juicy orange that are renowned for a wealth of health benefits and their high concentration of vitamin C which, as someone who seems to pick up viruses particularly easily, I need. Amongst other health benefits oranges are also great for relieving constipation (a big problem for some people with Fibromyalgia), eye health, the skin, blood pressure, cholesterol and heart health.

Rhubarb and Orange breakfast smoothie

Ingredients – serves 1

  • 200g stewed rhubarb
  • 150ml orange juice
  • 2 tsp honey
  • Small piece fresh ginger, to taste (I used a piece the size of the end of my little finger)

As with my previous smoothie recipe last week, no real method needed, just stick it all in the blender and whizz away until smooth and enjoy!

Apologies for the bad photo, I couldn’t wait for natural light to flood the flat before I gluttonously devoured the smoothie.

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Toodle pip!


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