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Fibromyalgia and Diet – Week 6

Its been a busy week and I’m feeling a little proud of myself. As well as the usual weekly round up of the diet I am following to help my fibromyalgia, I also managed my first recipe on the blog – a banana and peanut butter breakfast smoothie. along with this I have also started a series of posts about anti inflammatory diets looking at the different foods that are helpful and the first post took a look at the anti inflammatory properties of the allium family, as well as how we can use its members, such as onion and garlic.

I’ve also worked hard on redesigning the blog and I am happy with how it looks at last! I hope you guys all like it too 🙂 I also have a list of things to write about as long as my arm, a little overwhelming but better than having nothing to write about I suppose! Fibromyalgia is so complex that I guess it needs a lot of angles and posts to fully understand it!

It has also been a busy week in the kitchen again 🙂 and I’m pleased to report I’m still thoroughly enjoying the diet changes and the new discoveries that come with them. So without further ado here is the round up of last weeks culinary delights.

More breakfast! I was out of my usual fresh fruit that I have with gluten free porridge, made with almond milk and so dived for the dried fruits and nuts, and I think it both looks and tastes great!

I’ve spoken before of my new love of fish, particularly mackerel, and on Tuesday we kept it simple with some peppered mackerel and homemade chips, served with some baby spinach and delightfully pink radish!

Ok, so not really a culinary masterpiece, but delightful nonetheless. Kiwi fruit has great anti inflammatory properties as well as being beautiful under that rough skin, and on a hot Wednesday afternoon a ripe kiwi fruit (or two) really hit the spot!

Drumroll please for my first recipe!!! Banana and peanut butter smoothie made with Whole Earth 100% peanut butter, click here for the recipe. Enjoy in the garden!

Salmon with maize couscous and asparagus
After not wanting to be a pain in the rear when staying with family but giving them a super long list of thing I need to be able to cook, I took a little trip to a Tesco Extra to see what I could cook to go with some salmon. To my delight they had some gluten free maize couscous, a first for me, and some asparagus. Not bad for a thrown together meal!
I wanted to take some time to thank people for their feedback over the last week. There has been some lovely feedback but equally as important and helpful some constructive feedback and without your input I wouldn’t be able to make this work. So thank you.

Over and out, I’m off to cook a new recipe that I’ve found (not my own!) and look forward to sharing that with you next week.

Toodle pip!


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