Naturopathic Nutrition

Fibromyalgia and Diet – Week 4

Good evening one and all.

Welcome to week 4 of Fibromyalgia and Diet. I’m getting some plans together of how to present different foods that are included in the anti inflammatory diet and will be writing about them soon.

Over the last week I have received many complements from all manner of people about the food I am cooking and eating, and I just wanted to say thank you. You kind words and encouragement are what inspire my to keep going.

I am pleased to report that (apart from today, I’ve had a flare day) my energy levels have sky rocketed, and I am able to get out and about more to enjoy those warm rays of sunshine. While I think a number of factors are responsible for this surge of energy, I do firmly believe that the diet changes have had a big part to play.

I’ve been working hard on cutting down on meat this past week and as you will be able to tell, it does feature less. I’ve been eating more vegetarian and vegan dishes, and I’ve still remained satisfied, so this may be a way forward.

We also discovered a gem of a Chinese takeaway this week……..

With the warm weather, also come lighter dishes, and more salads, looking forward to experimenting with that!

Anyway, for now, here are the highlights from last weeks eats! There aren’t as many this week as at the beginning of the week we were munching the previous weeks leftovers which you can find in last Mondays post 🙂 I was also far too excited to eat some days that I forgot to snap before I devoured!

Chicken and white bean stew – I was so cold in this day, for no apparent reason, but the combination of chicken, veg and stock warmed me through to my cockles!
Stir friend winter veg with lemon quinoa – this was a great lunch that I took with my on a train journey between appointments, and was a refreshing change from the limp salad option while our and about!
Baked mushroom risotto – so good I made a double batch and I will make more tomorrow. Even reheats well for a risotto! Bonus is that nobody else in the house likes mushrooms! All mine!
Buckwheat and pumpkin seed pancakes with berries and honey – by far my most popular post on Instagram this week, everybody loves pancakes!
Chinese Takeaway – A revelation….. our local Chinese restaurant and takeaway has a gluten and dairy free menu as comprehensive as their normal menu, and to boot they only use the freshest ingredients, with no nasty artificial additives, colours or flavours. Felt like such a winner on Mothering Sunday when I needed a break from cooking. For those that are local, check them out at Naturally Chinese, Brighton Road, Subiton.

Happy eating folks. As always, please feel free to comment, share, and like on whichever media you please. Get the word out and change somebody perspective today! you never know, it may actually help somebody 🙂

Big love xx


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