Naturopathic Nutrition

Fibromyalgia and diet – Week 2

Good evening, hope everyone is feeling good and eating well.

Following on from last weeks post and some lovely comments I received I have decided to definitely continue with this sharing on a hopefully weekly basis! Exploring how to treat fibromyalgia by looking at the diet has become a big interest of mine and I enjoy sharing it with you.

I’ve still been focusing on eating organic, whole foods this past week, making food from scratch and monitoring what goes into my cooking. Not every single ingredient can be completely organic at this stage as I am still using up odds and end of ingredients from my pre-organic days.

Yesterday also saw me going to my long-awaited Naturopathic Nutrition appointment, a subject of which, yes you’ve guess it, I will give more detail on in an upcoming post. The main thing I wanted to share with you all is that following this appointment I am now going to be making two major changes to my diet, by going both gluten and dairy free. I will be exploring the potential benefits of this change as time goes on during this blogging journey, and my mind is completely awash with ideas for posts and sharing information, I now just have to find the time to write it all! My blog planning has gone completely bonkers this evening, it is all starting to make sense, feeling like it has more direction and a real purpose. Plus, after months of zero brain work and fibromyalgia fog, it feels good to be using the old noggin again (must watch not to overdo it though, post will come when I’m well enough!). However, for now, I leave you with the highlights of this weeks eating!

Tuesday – Oh so delicious and wholesome organic banana pancakes using only four ingredients, banana, free range egg, baking powder and vanilla. Topped with organic raspberries, pecans and honey.
Wednesday – The day I realised every soup I make is green or thereabouts. One of my favourites that I will miss dreadfully with the diet change, Organic Broccoli and Stilton soup served with an organic homemade bagel!
Wednesday (and Thursday because it was so good) – My own little triumph this week although I struggled to get a good photo. Didn’t even have a recipe (do I trademark it?!) Baked haddock served on a bed of steamed kale with toasted pine nuts and a boiled egg. Finished with sea salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil. So quick and easy, yet so good. Will be slowly making a move towards oily fish in the coming weeks. Wonder it this will taste as good with mackerel?
Thursday – The veg that narrowly escaped the compost bin by being made up into a spicy vegetable and lentil casserole for the days when I can’t be bathed to cook, and this will work well with the diet changes too!
Thursday – Delivery of our weekly fruit and veg, meal planning went well and so far using up all of our ingredients nicely!
Saturday – Weekends call for delicious brunch, and this is one of my favourites. Mashed seasoned avocado with a rather sorry-looking boiled egg on a slice of homemade bread. Time to start experimenting with a new bread recipe that will be a firm family favourite so I can eat some of this again!
Saturday – Chicken, leek and mushroom pie. I love pie and have nothing else to say but yum.

So that’s it. With 3 minutes to spare before winding down with good sleep hygiene and no screens. Tadaa! Just had another writing idea 😉

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