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Fibromyalgia and Diet – Week one

As a family I think we have always adopted mindful eating and eaten what we think is good for our bodies, with the occasional treat of course, but it wasn’t until the last couple of weeks and the arrival of lent, that we really looked much closer at all the little things we put into our bodies too. This reason for this is that in an effort for me to get better, and for all of us to stay healthy, we want to fuel our bodies with as much whole food as possible, and in terms of whole food I mean fuelling our bodies with unprocessed, organically produced (where possible) and free of any nasty additives, preservatives or sweeteners. Also made from scratch so we know exactly what is going into it. A bit later on, as the blog progresses and I learn more, I am hoping to share in more detail with you the effect some of these ‘nasties’ may have on Fibromyalgia, and the effect I notice it has on me (in both energy terms and IBS, TMI), but for this week I am starting a collection of the food we have made from scratch and enjoyed in the hope that it may give you some inspiration to do the same yourself. I also need somewhere to remind myself of what worked well and what didn’t when all I have in the fridge is some parsnips that need using up.

Do not be fooled, this has not been easy, I feel like I have spent a lot of time cooking, chained to the stove, and that is from someone who loves cooking, but as I’m not capable of that many other things these days at least it gives me a sense of achievement and satisfaction which is vital for me to retain my mental wellbeing. From a physical wellbeing point of view, it has fatigued me more than usual at times, but I think it has been counteracted a little by the healthy energy I am replacing in the food I am eating. My skin is also incredible. Plus my better half and the kids have enjoyed their food immensely, and the behaviour of the hollow legged kiddywinks has immeasurably improved (she says, they were a bit annoying today, rain and being cooped up is not the girls favourite kind of day). Maybe coincidence?? I hope not! It also hasn’t been cheap, but trying not to dwell on that too much at the moment as I am sure I will learn thrifty way of saving money as the year progresses.

This food journey will progress I am sure, as we learn more about food, as I learn what makes me feel good (and not so good), and after I have seen the nutritionalist next weekend. Dreading being told to cut something out that I love! The collection will be based on seasonal cooking, what is delivered in our weekly box every Thursday and what we manage to grow at the allotment.

So for now, here is a selection of what we have eaten this week. I want to stress that I am not an expert at cooking but just a mum who loves to cook and appreciates a recipe that works. This also isn’t a tirade against anybody who doesn’t necessarily feel that this style of cooking is suited to them. We all have different time factors in our families and different demands to meet, but at present I have a little too much time on my hands. Who knows how it will work out once I am working again in 4 weeks (amen to that)? I may have to rethink it a little to make it work and to not tire me further than I need to be. I cook the more time consuming dishes in batches and this saves a lot of time on the days when we don’t get in until 6.30 and we just want a quick reheat in the oven. Lastly, I am not depriving my family of lovely cakes and treats that we all enjoy from time to time, but these things will not feature until Easter and the end of lent as we have given such things up at this poignant time in the Christian calendar.

Please feel free to share your food success (or disaster, we didn’t have any this week!) stories and how you use food to enhance your wellbeing in the comments below, we would love to here from you. Also, family friendly recipes are always welcome! I will eventually (when I work out how to post links, duh) add clicky’s to the dishes so you can see where I get my recipes from. I am a big fan of BBC’s Good Food website, whose recipes have never failed me, plus my stash of cookbooks that went dusty for a little while on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. I’m not clever enough to make up my own recipes yet, but it may come soon.

You can keep up with our quest to eat well and live well, along with other Fibromyalgia inspiration on Instagram by clicking the link at the bottom of the page, or searching for @the_f_word_blog.

Leek and potato soup with home made bagels. Perfect way to use up some leftover potatoes and leeks are quite cheap at this time of year. We have moved to homemade bread since the beginning of the year and we all love these bagels from our River Cottage cookbook.
Our organic fruit and veg delivery gets the meal planning off to a good start and inspires what we eat. We eat seasonally and base our eating around what is delivered to us.
Chicken, mushroom and kale pie, served with mash and veg for the first serving. Big enough for leftovers on another night which we had with veg alone in a bid to forgo the buttery mash!
Spicy roast parsnip soup with homemade cider bread. The bread recipe from Nigel Slater is a family favourite and we make it at least once a week.
Our first fish curry. Not my favourite dish of the week but it was still tasty and good to eat some fish which we are hoping to do more of. Maybe I’m just too used to chicken in my curry. Again, enough for leftovers which we will be having with some homemade wholegrain roti next week.
Used up the leftover mushrooms from the pie to make mushrooms with garlic and creme fraiche on toast (cider bread again) with prosciutto. One of my favourites this week and so quick and easy.
Sundays wouldn’t be complete without a roast dinner with piles of potatoes and parsnips. I’ve saved the carcass of the chicken and going to give making my own chicken stock a go (we use a lot of it for soups!) also plenty of meat leftover and tonight looking for inspiration on how to use it up.

That was nice to share it all with you. I hope you enjoyed his post and please do comment, share or simply just like the post to raise awareness of my journey to take battle with The F Word.



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