New year, different beginnings

Been trying to think of a way to start 2017, as I am starting from a very different place to 2016.

2017 heralds a new and different beginning to the year. While last years aim was not quite achieved, only completing half of my 12 race challenge, I am still amazingly proud of myself for completing those six races and raising lots of money for charity in memory of my brother. Especially when I look at where I am today.

2016 ended in a plague of injury and poor health. While the health side is still a work in progress and I am still working towards a diagnosis that may impact my future, my brain is still in fine fettle. The running has to take a back seat for now (but not forever) and I have to occupy my mind in ever different ways.

I’ve had to do a little bit of soul searching towards the end of 2016, and I have come to realise that while not running leaves a little bit of who I am behind, there is a whole world of possibilities outside of my window and I need to discover a new me.

The last six weeks have pretty much consisted of ploughing through the physical battle I have been dealt with and putting my make up on every day to keep my mental health in tact. Not running or working has made me feel a little bit broken and empty as both things are an incredibly important part of my life. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt and friend, but just as important I am a midwife and runner. Sincerely hoping both of them will get back on track very soon, although both are a little out of my control as 2017 begins.

I am not saying I will never run again, but for now it isn’t the priority. Also, I WILL get back to work really soon (before I forget how!). My priority for today however, is to be thankful. To be thankful for my family, our home, the world we live in, and new discoveries.

I plan to document as much of my 2017 journey in photos, with one photo each day to represent something I am grateful for, something I have discovered/made/appreciated, things that make me smile or inspirations. This is by no means an effort to edit out the tough bits. I will still be working through each day and the challenges a full time job, motherhood, wife business, and life brings. I am simply focusing on the small things that make me smile.

I have no idea if anyone is even interested in this blog, and the number of readers it attracts is not my priority, but if you are, join me in my 2017 journey to overcome the battles life can throw at you and the silver linings that await us around each and every corner (sorry that sounds super corny….) feel free to comment and share your exepriences with other so we can all enjoy ‘the simple things’. The web is a hugely diverse place of knowledge, inspiration, ideas and I would love to hear from you.

My photos will be shared often on instagram and I plan to summarise my journey within this blog at regular intervals. However, as this is a personal journey and not one I am actually too worried about people reading, I will not be putting too much pressure on myself to do this at particular time intervals. They will come when the time feels right. This is just my little way of changing my mindset a little and documenting my journey as my life changes and evolves.

Peace out.


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