Medal 3!! Only 9 to go!!

Hello one and all 😊 sorry I have been somewhat missing in action, as ever it’s been super busy with a few life hiccups along the way. However, I pinched my nose, closed my ears, held my breath and blinked three times and I’m through the hurdles. I’ve earnt my third medal today which I’m super chuffed about but first time for a catch up on training and donations!

Weeks 9 and 10 Round Up

41.22 miles galloped

2016 miles = 154.76m

Donations received = £115.00

2016 total raised = £830.00

So fundraising has been on the slow side recently. Managed to make a pretty penny from bake sales but haven’t had a single sponsor in 10 days. Time to change tactics!!!!

Also sadly, Matt has been horribly injured and hasn’t been able to run as much or as far as he would have hoped. Here’s my training for the last two weeks though ☺️

So! As I mentioned today was race number three and what a race it was!!!

For race three it was decided that we would run the Surrey Half Marathon in Woking. It’s a slightly undulating course (for me anyway, training in the flat London suburbs!), through countryside and pretty local villages. Around 4500 runners took part today and the atmosphere was brilliant.

We had to get a hotel for this race because although ordinarily we could get there in plenty of time for 9am start, engineering works soon put a stop to travel plans! We booked into a simple but comfortable hotel and honestly, I may do it more often! I slept ridiculously well and got an early night as there was not housework to faf around with!

We woke up bright and early and a gentle potter around the room soon told Matt that he wasn’t in the right place to run today so he took the difficult decision to sit this one out… Which meant I was running alone 😩 I couldn’t decide on my tactics for the run so we went down to breakfast which was wholesome and tasty, and for once I wasn’t forcing it down! We packed our bags and the nerves soon set in!

We walked down to the event village which was alive with runners, supporters, sponsors, music, adrenaline and excitement. Everything was well laid out and perfectly signposted, no way we could get lost here! A quick baggage drop, toilet stop ritual, stretch and small talk, and it was time to go to the start line. I had to decide on what my plans were and quick!

I had two choices, aim for a PB and to beat my Hampton Court Half time, or run at marathon pace and gain some confidence for the next race? I then decided there was no point in taking it too easy 😉 and plumped for beating my PB….

I tucked myself into the sub 2hr 20min group which was big! A lot of us runners that aren’t so fast but pretty fit to be able to go out and do this in the first place ☺️

Then just to wait for the starting signal

Suddenly we were counting down and we were off! And literally on time to the second! The tannoy announcer did a great job in getting people on their way and pointing out all the many different charities running that day. I noticed that today was a good day for Harrison’s Fund, Macmillan, and a local hospice, they had plenty of runners out there. Didn’t see any other #teamorange runners but hey, I like to be different!

The support on this course was incredible, the crowds were noisy when they came, and the locals did a good job in keeping up spirits when the crowds dwindled. Every pub we passed had a live band playing and there was music in the air at so many points. It really does make a massive difference.

The weather was fabulous and the scenery breathtaking. We really do live in a wonderful country, with so much unspoilt land.

The pacers were a super friendly bunch and I pretty much ran with them chatting for the first 10 miles. The pace was slightly ahead of 2hrs 20min and at 11 miles I felt quite fresh and decided that today was the day I would beat my best (albeit only) half marathon race pace.

The crowds towards the end were everything they should be, loud, excited, supportive and truly wanting to be there, the last half mile would not have been as tolerable without them!

And in I ran at 2hrs 17min 23sec, a whole 2min 13sec faster an Hampton Court


As ever, this journey is overwhelming and emotionally draining, but there isn’t a minute where I don’t think about stopping. For Graham I would run anywhere. For his memory and for all the boys out there that so desperately need a cure. Thank you all for your ongoing support and encouragement. It means the world ❤️ 3 down 9 to go and next it’s the big one….. LONDON MARATHON 2016!!!! 🏅🏅🏅


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