I often ask myself why…….

Dearest readers,

If you are a regular reader then thank you so so much for coming back and reading again, if you are new then welcome! It really feels like the challenge is well under way now with some new developments this week, but you can guess what comes first!

Week 8 Round Up

20.23 miles hobbled

2016 miles = 113.54m

Donations received = £110.00

2016 total raised = £715.00


This week has been what is known as an adaptation week, so although the long run run milage has increased there was no speed work involved and just two level one/easy runs to do mid week. You all know how I love speed work and so will know how GUTTED I was to read there were no hills or intervals this week 😂😂😂😂

Adaptation weeks are usually thrown in a couple of times during a 16 week marathon training plan to allow your muscles the necessary time to heal and repair and thus become strong and adapt to the additional mileage they are having to endure. For me this week has gone well, and came at the right time, it allowed me to revel in my joy of last week’s race a little longer without thinking about heavy training.
Just for fun, this is me at mile 11 last week 🙂 #teamorange vest worn proudly!

And with just 2 weeks until the next race I felt dizzy when my race number came through!

AND, just tonight, we have registered for race number 5 in May, just two weeks after the London Marathon, a nice little ten mile race in Alton, Hampshire, through the lovely countryside. The special part of this race, it starts and finishes at college Graham attended, Treloars College, before he became too unwell to attend.

Sometimes during training, when the runs are dark, cold and wet, my knees and hips are broken and my social life is non existent, it can be difficult to keep up momentum, and be motivated to train. I often say to myself “Sarah, what were you thinking? You just couldn’t leave it could you?” Of course the answer is no! I couldn’t! And then I remind myself of my primary driving force in this challenge, Graham. With this force I am able to use my muscles in a way that both Graham never could and many boys/men with Duchenne MD never will, without a cure. I can use the muscles that I have been blessed with to raise much needed funds for Muscular Dystrophy UK, and join the fight against muscle wasting conditions.

Tomorrow, 29th February, is rare diseases day, and I thought this week that it might be good, and hopefully interesting, to share with you the charity that is closest to my heart. I also hope to help everyone understand where their kind and generous donations are going!

Muscular Dystrophy UK (previously known as the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign) was founded in 1959 it’s mission is to bring individuals, families and professionals together in the fight against muscle-conditions.

MDUK brings together more than 60 rare and very rare progressive muscle-weakening and wasting conditions, and together these conditions affect around 70,000 children and adults in the UK. They are leading in the campaign to get essential emerging treatment for families in the UK and tirelessly support high quality research to find effective treatments and cures. MDUK are without a doubt committed to finding a cure for all muscle wasting conditions.

MDUK ensure everyone has the correct specialist NHS care and support they need, when they need it, regardless of their postcode, which historically was once a challenge. Like many charities the provide a range of services and resources to help affected individuals live as independently as possible, and help their families to support their loved ones.

By sponsoring me you are helping not only to keep Graham’s memory alive, but also helping this amazing charity continues its essential work for other families affected by DMD. Ultimately, nothing is better than a cure, but as about a quarter of the charity’s income is raised by fundraisers like me I thought it might be of interest to demonstrate how much their vital work actually costs (it’s staggering) and why we are aiming big this year! Here is what our fundraising go towards should you decide to sponsor –

£35 – funds an hour of research that could lead to an effective treatment or cure to improve and lengthen people’s lives.

£50 – gives parents one hour with a specialist physiotherapist who can show them the valuable muscle stretching techniques that could keep their child walking for longer (I remember my mum doing many hours of physiology over the 16 years from diagnosis! Many many hours!)

£148 – funds the MDUK Freephone Information Line for one day so staff can provide vital support to families and healthcare professionals on a wide range of conditions and issues.

£500 – allows the nationwide network of young people with muscular dystrophy and related neuromuscular conditions – known as Trailblazers – to get together in their local area, to discuss how best to get jobs, socialise and live independently (something most of us take for granted!)

£900 – allows the charity to make a grant towards the cost of a child’s powered wheelchair.

£2000 – covers the running cost of a Muscle Centre for a week, providing diagnosis and multi-disciplinary care.

£30,000 – funds a PhD studentship for a year.

£100,000 – supports a research student through their PhD, encouraging the brightest young scientists to stay in the field of neuromuscular research.

If you would like more information on this  amazing charity then please click the button at the top of my page. If you would like to donate then you know what to do with this link 😉

Feel free to press the all important follow button!

Over and out!


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