Running rituals

Hey strangers, sorry this one has taken a little while to make an appearance, school holidays, mega work schedule and training have taken a front seat this week. I thought this week it might be interesting to share my little running rituals, and to hear more about yours. I think all runners have their own suspicions, routines, and warms ups and would love to hear more about what you do, but first, time for the weekly round up!

Week 6 Round Up

16.10 miles sauntered

2016 miles = 73.50m

Donations received £130.00

2016 total raised = £460.00

Tuesday’s very wet and very cold hill training. Brrrrrr!
Was delighted with my interval training after work on Thursday 🙂
Sunday’s long run was the hilliest long run I have ever done but totally pleased with my pace 🙂

Was really chuffed with my long run this week! I was staying in Portsmouth with my mum and step dad, who kindly minded the girls for me while I ran. I managed to run to the top of a very big hill 🙂 and almost thought I would pass out, but the sun was glorious, the sea air fresh and the view was fab (photo doesn’t really do it much justice).


While I was running/panting, I got to thinking about all the little things I do before a long run, rituals if you like. Most runners have things they do to make their runs feel just right and I would like to share mine with you! Rituals are good, they help you mentally gear up for a run, and be physically prepared for whatever distance you are going to do. I don’t adopt these rituals to my shorter runs, I seem to be able to go out and thrash those out without the big run up!

  1. I always eat the same thing at the same time before I run – always porridge with a smidge of sugar, and a banana, 1.5hrs before I leave.
  2. I always drink 2 big glasses of water – I think it is about 600mls altogether.
  3. I always lay out my kit ready the night before – and in the order I get dressed in!
  4. Which brings me onto always getting dressed in the same order 😂
  5. I always wear the same kit – unless I have new trainers of course, this kit includes a purple tee I got after taking part in a midnight 12 mile walk around Portsmouth, the summer after Graham passed.
  6. I always stretch in the same order, just to make sure I get everything – feet and ankles, calves, thighs, buttocks, waist and hips, back, shoulders, arms, neck, finished with ten deep breaths!
  7. I always pack my inhaler.
  8. I always get the same playlist ready on Spotify.
  9. I always say “For Graham” to myself before I leave
  10. And last but not least, I always take Graham with me – I have my lucky charm, my necklace with just a little of his ashes, close to my heart keeping me strong ❤️
My lucky charm ❤️

And that’s it! These are my rituals! Feel free to share yours below in the comments box!

3 sleeps til medal two 🙂 if you would like to sponsor me then please do so here –

Will see you when I have medal number 2!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Running rituals

    1. Most runners have at least one thing they can’t do without, and for you its your bottle 🙂 for me, my weird and wonderful routines, plus my lucky charm 🙂 like I say I have never adopted this on my short runs, just my longer runs. It has never failed me once and now I’m too suspicious to stop!

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