A week of highs, lows, and PB’s :)

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Week 5 was a funny old week….. Whilst being forever thankful that I had a week off on annual leave, at the beginning of the week I couldn’t help but think that I should have achieved so much more with the time I had. I had so many plans, but I think I realised by mid week that if I am going to complete this charity challenge of 12 medals in 12 months, I’ve got to cast aside some ‘non-essential’ plans and just get my head down, keep healthy and keep my legs moving.

Week 5 Round Up

15.44 miles galloped

2016 miles = 57.4m

Donations received £10.00

2016 total raied = £330.00

My ‘running like the wind’ threshold run provided me with a PB this week!
If only going out for a simple jog a few time a week were enough to improve performance! This is my favourite type of run, just going out, taking it easy and feeling fit!
Finished the week with an amazing long run with Matt. It isn’t often we get to run together, and certainly not for long (unless it is race day) so this was a welcome part of our training this week!

It started off as a slow week and feeling like I was running through mud, not just in training but also in getting blog readership, support for the cause, donations, and no medal since the beginning of the year, but by mid week I kept getting some lovely little pokes to lift my spirits.

3km in less than 20 minutes, felt like I was running like the wind!

First came a PB, a small PB, but a PB nonetheless. I had run my fastest 3km in as long as I can remember. I ran it in under 20 minutes, which is pretty fast for me at this time. Unsurprisingly it came right after a threshold run (which everybody knows I love right?!) but it was still good to know that when I have to I can put out a bit of speed! There is no way I could complete a marathon at this speed but as all runners know, it will knock a few minutes off my overall marathon finish time 🙂 after this I no longer felt like a use slow runner!

Get out the fanfare! 50 likes!

Next came the medicine to my blog readership issue. So, I am not aiming for worldwide stardom or recognition here, but just knowing that some people like what I am writing and will click that all important like/follow button at the end of a post is a comfort to me. So when a little fanfare arrived in my WordPress inbox I literally did a little dance around my living room. A whole 50 likes on my blog, you really shouldn’t have guys………….

Love my FB followers!

Next we hit 200 likes on our little Facebook page where we post regular updates on our training and progress. 200 people out there actually care about what we are trying to achieve and about the cause we are trying to raise awareness for. Thats pretty awesome! The posts are also starting to receive a few more likes and engagement from around the globe, thanks to all who participate 🙂 you can find the link to the page at the bottom of this blog.

Then I got a stomach bug. Enough said.

Hampton Court Half here we come!

Towards the end of the week a little surprise came through the door (well not that big a surprise but a welcome one anyway) in the form of my racing number for the next race which is in just 12 sleeps (gulp!) Theres nothing like seeing that racing number and being able to almost touch that second medal! Can’t wait to wrap in around my neck and feel like a champ!

It feels like training is really stepping up a gear now and for the first time this week I have been beginning to really think about the marathon. I was hoping the two races in between might pose as a little of a distraction, maybe a little disillusioned there Sarah….. However, it will be amazing to complete two half marathons before we reach London, nothing like a few medals to give you bags of confidence!

So as you can probably tell, I’m a little emotional about the rest of the challenge ahead. Do not doubt for a second that I won’t do this, because I certainly will, I might just need the occasional pick me up along the way.

Fellow runners and marathoners, I salute you. I’m off to figure out how to raise more money!

How has your week been? Are you training for anything in particular? What have been your highs? Please comment below and I will be sure to answer everyone!


3 thoughts on “A week of highs, lows, and PB’s :)

  1. Good luck and best of wishes in reaching all of your goals! And those shoes are pretty snazzy! I have a 10 mile race this Sunday and it’s expected to reach only 16 degrees F. NYC is calling Code Blue. Still looking forward it. Cheers!


    1. Thanks for your kind words! I’m really looking forward to my half marathon next week. It wont be as cold in London as NYC but hoping to avoid frost! Nice and sunny is my dream 🙂 good luck for your race, will look forward to hearing how you get on!

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