New Year, New Trainers!!!

Happy Sunday evening one and all. It’s been a busy weekend that started early on Friday with an inset day for the girls and an impromptu London trip, and the rest of the weekend was made up of building beds and clearing out old toys, all rather cleansing for the new year!!!!

Week 1 Round Up

10.53 miles sauntered

2016 miles = 16.74m

Donations received £10.00

2016 total raised = £165.00

Training has pretty much gone to plan this week, and was made better by NEW TRAINERS!!!!!!! More about those in a mo 🙂

Tuesday’s run was a short but intense hill run, we all love hill training right??!
Friday’s steady run, and my first run in my new trainers 🙂
First ‘long’ training run of the year, they get much longer!

So this week was the week of new trainers….. I’d been putting it off for a while but now am pleased to say I own these lovely looking feet covers, already donned with the trademark Muscular Dystrophy Campaign orange laces.


They were just meant for me!! so far it has been a good relationship for me and my new trainers, I feel altogether more bouncy, light on my feet, and more importantly I’m faster!!!!

Friends will often ask me advice about injuries and their running not progressing, and the first thing I ask them is whether or not they have checked what type of trainer they need for their running style.

But what is it you need to look for when choosing a new pair of trainers? Well, you can’t just go for a pair that look good, or that feel comfy when you are walking around the shop. Back in 2007 when I started running longer distances I learnt that the hard way. I suffered terribly with shin splints, sore knees, painful hips and sluggish running.

A good place to start is to have a foot scan and/gait analysis. This is how I discovere that, like about 70% of runners, I overpronate. In short, I roll my feet inwards when they roll off the ground during running, and overpronation is apparently the new normal…… Another small trick you can do is the wet foot test. This is by no means a fool proof analysis but may give you an idea.


The ‘normal’ foot

Less than 30% of runners will have  normal foot print, which makes you wonder why the hell it is called normal at all! Anyway, runners with this so called normal foot, land on the outside of their heel and roll slightly inward to absorb shock. If you have a normal foot then congratulations! You are biomechanically efficient!

The flat foot

The flat foot has a low arch and this is the type of footprint you would expect if you overpronate, like me….. this is my foot! My arch has become a big higher over the years though with some retraining. Overpronators land on the outside of their heel and roll more inwards off their big toe than runners with normal feet, sometimes rolling excessively, which can cause all sorts of overuse injuries, and believe me, some of them are rather unpleasant and can halt your training at times. The best trainers for overpronators like me are usually marketed as stability or motion control trainers.

The high arched foot

People with an excessively high arch are the opposite of me, they underpronate, and barely roll inward, if at all. Runners who have this running style will not absorb shock through their legs and body particularly well, again, causing injury. Runners with this running style should aim for trainers that are flexible and encourage motion. A neutral trainer without stability is best.

Because I overpronate, I need trainers that have a bit of support under the arch of my foot, to support them and help them fall a bit straighter during my runs. I have always used Adidas, not because I particularly resonate with the brand but because my first ‘real’ pair were from Adidas and well, if it ain’t broke……..

This time around though I have gone for a lighter pair than normal and the support is slightly less than I am accustomed too, but should still be enough. Over the years my walking gait has improved due to my trainers and  my body has been reminded to be ‘normal’, and I am hoping I’ll get away with it. A risk, but at the moment it feels ok, and the lighter trainer is definitely easier to run in. It has brought my min/mile down by 30 seconds already!!

On Friday the girls and I went for a little trip up to the Sky Garden in Fenchurch Street. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who want a free morning out with kids, and great views of London. You may wonder what relevance this has to running, but you see, from here I could see many landmarks I will be passing in April during The London Marathon. While my girls ‘ahhhhhhhed and oooooooohed’ at the sights I couldn’t help but track the course like a map over the view and think ‘bloody hell, that’s a long long long way…..’

Fundraising has been a bit slow this week, only £10.00 received, but I haven’t upped the asking just yet, will wait until we are approaching the next race and the marathon also. However, if anyone would like to sponsor me then you can do so just here….

Next week I am hoping to feature a Muscular Dystrophy story from the point of view of someone living with it, either as a carer of sufferer, and over the 12 months would like to learn more myself about the different forms of MD as well as teaching others, as I have understandably become wrapped up in Duchenne Muscular dystrophy over the years.

For more information on Muscular Dystrophy please visit

Love to one and all and keeeeeep running!


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