New Year New Challenge

So, 2016 is almost upon us, and so is my latest challenge!

What exactly does this challenge involve I hear you ask…… Well it is simple really, 12 months, 12 medals. 12+12=24. Graham would have been 24 in 2016 had he not been taken too soon from us. For those of you who aren’t aware of the back story feel free to check out older blog posts from 2013. Or sit tight and all will be revealed over the coming weeks!!!

Unlike the last time I ran a long way 🙂 the passing of time has helped to close the hole in my chest that was torn open when Graham first passed. Of course there will always be a void where he once was, but it is mostly filled with happy memories and less with grief.

I thought I would start this new blog and challenge with a brief intro to me and my world for those who don’t know me so well 🙂

So, I’m Sarah, Sar, Saz, RM Phillips, Newy, Wifey, Mummy. I’m 32 years old (I think) and was born and grew up in Portsmouth. I am one of three children, and the Middle (best) child. I went to a not so good school, but turned out alright….. I met my lovely husband Matthew in Portsmouth and that is where both our families still live. I achieved my midwifery qualification in 2004 with Bournemouth University.

We moved to Surbiton 11 years ago, and happily married 10 years ago. Fast forward 5 years and we were blessed with two beautiful daughter Edith and Emily who were born on the summer solstice of 2010.

I work in a tremendously busy central London hospital with some of the most incredible people I have ever met. Deciding to live and work in London is probably the single most best decision I made in my life, after marrying Matt and having babies of course!!!

We live a simple and quiet life in Surbiton, our girls attend a local school, we live in a flat, have three cats, and an allotment. Not a day goes by when we aren’t busy. Which makes me wonder how on earth I will manage the challenge ahead……

One thing makes me believe that I can do this, and that is the memory of my younger brother. He faced what a lots of us would consider an impossible challenge every day. He embraced life and was happy knowing that his prognosis was poor. He achieved everything he wished to achieve and didn’t let the impossible stop him.

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m not a natural runner, I’m slow, prone to aches and pains, and need lots of encouragement to actually go out and run. But despite this I always make it over the finish line and that feeling is pretty darned hard to beat.


So join me in my challenge by following my progress to reaching the magic number of 24. Learn about running, where to start, what to do when it gets hard, how to eat. Learn about family, love, and grief. Learn how to fundraise, and how to get people to donate. Best of all, wTch me cross those finish lines!!!! First race in 3 sleeps! Eeeeek!



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