Race number 1 done!

Week 10 mileage – 27 miles

Week 11 mileage – 20.24 miles

Week 12 mileage – 11.8 miles

Total mileage 2013 – 183.67 miles

Total funds raised – £1100!!!

Well, I know, I have been hugely neglecting my blog of recent. Training has been insane, work has been BUSY, and I have just been trying to get as much sleep as I can!

Training has been going well, have at least been getting my long runs in, and some shorter runs too. Am
Managing 3 runs a week, would love to do 4, but can only do what I can. I do try my best not to neglect my longer runs, and I am now about to explain why 🙂

Obviously when you are training for any event you want to be fully prepared, both physically and mentally. So it makes sense that when you are training for a marathon you want to have the endurance and confidence to cross that finish line strong.

Yes, the shorter runs are very important too, but you can only build up the endurance needed to complete the marathon by practising at longer distances at least once a week in your training.

Long runs work by strengthening your cardiac muscles, building endurance in your leg muscles and developing mental toughness. They also help you to practise coping skills in advance of the big day.

Long runs can be a bit hit and miss. You have great ones and sometimes damn awful ones. As you begin to hit the bigger distances you have peaks and troughs while you run. It all takes practise, in whether you should or shouldn’t listen to music, what to eat and how long before, how fast to run, and what to drink while you run. In could list a whole range of advice of what to eat, when to eat, what to wear, what to drink while running and how to vary your route, but that would only be based on what I do and what works for me….

Whatever your technique, if it works it works. What I do into training is different to the guy I pass as I glide (on a good day) past Hampton Court Palace and onto the Thames. I often feel slow when I run, but I just have to remind myself that I can run, and although it may not be as fast as the (many) people that zoom past me, I always complete my runs and I am always left feeling I could run a bit further if I needed to. And that’s what gives me the confidence to continue and what will take me to the start of the London Marathon in 24 (!) days…..

In other news, both hubby and I completed our first race in our five race challenge! We ran the Kingston Breakfast Run, 8.2 miles, in 1:30:56…. Again, not as fast as many people but 9 minutes quicker than last year, which kind of make me feel fast. I did have a stinking cold on the day, and in all honesty it was a gruelling run in freezing snowy conditions, but I couldn’t miss the first run of the year!!!!


After the run, with a commemorative mug!


Running past Hampton Court Palace in freezing conditions!


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