Lets catch up

Weeks 8 and 9 Training and Fundraising

Week 8

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 3.33 miles
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 4.5 mile Threshold run and decorating!
Sunday – decorating!

Week 9

Monday – Long Night Shift
Tuesday – 3.10 mile steady
Wednesday – Long Day Shift and Bake sale
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 12.0 mile long run (longest this year!)
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 5.0 mile steady run with a cheeky 10 minute threshold thrown in by impulse!

Total miles weeks 8 and 9 – 27.93 miles

Total 2013 miles – 124.63

Bake sale – £12

Total raised 2013 – £1003!!!! How awesome is that! One third of the way there!

Well what a couple weeks it has been and what a turnaround in training.

Last week was a pitiful week in many ways. I didn’t go to work, I barely trained, I ate pretty much a load of crap, and spent most of the time feeling sorry for myself.

All of this sorry behaviour wasn’t in vain however. Luckily for me, my husband also had the week off, and he really spoilt me and the bambinos and lifted my spirits. After quite frankly a lot of tears and talking, and a decision to seek some bereavement counselling I feel somewhat released!

I don’t however really know where I am with the whole ‘getting over it’ part. People are asking me how I feel and all I can say is I don’t know. Because I don’t. Ask me to put into words how I feel and I simply can’t. Guess you could call it feeling lost.

I have also realised how freaking lucky I am to have some amazing friends out there and want to say special thanks to Anna Gould, Dee Walsh, Natasha George, Angela Parry, Emma Wayman, and of course my husband Matthew Phillips for listening and just being there when I have hit my low points. Lastly to my children, who show resilience in everything they do and have given me lots of kisses and cuddles that just take away all the pain.


My babies brighten up even the darkest of days by simply holding me 🙂

And thanks to Anna for this quote –

“People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in,
their beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

Right, next lets look at the good points from the last two weeks…..

I have run the furthest distance since having my babies, 12 miles! Holy moly! And managed a comfortable 12 minute mile pace which I am thrilled to bits with. Next week will aim for 14 miles and will be looking more into the physiology and psychology of a long run (they are damn hard in both respects).

And I have run over 20 miles this week which is what I have been trying to breach since new year to complete my 1000 mile challenge this year. So things aren’t all bad!

Now, I hope I’m not taking on too much, but I am in the process of arranging a summer event for friends and family and some local contacts to raise more funds for MDC. I already have my lovely cousin Amber to hold craft sessions (kinda her job!) for the kiddy winks. We are hoping to find a generous face painter for little or no fee. Hold a homemade tombola, lucky dip and bake stall. Will ask local cafes if they can possibly do a bit of free catering, and hold a raffle. So far we have a cut and blow dry from salon Headmasters, and a meal for two with wine from a lovely local Italian restaurant. If we can charge people a couple of £’s for all these things we should make a tidy sum.

The problem we are having is funding somewhere to hold this event for a decent price. Or getting a sponsor to fund the cost. We have a price for one location but need to look at another and get a quote. Am thinking about asking local pubs who have a decent beer garden, hopefully somewhere will feel generous! We would love to have everything outside but need an indoor space in case the weather is grotty (even in July it is unpredictable!).

So please, if you live in Surbiton and have any ideas as to where this could be held for cheap/free please comment. Or if you have some genius ideas or would like to bump me £120 that would be sweet 😀

Don’t forget to sponsor me! First race is in 21 days!

Love to all….. See you soon for my February Round Up!


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