Week 6 – Feeling the burn(ing of candles at both ends)

Week 6 training and fundraising

Monday – Long Night Shift
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 11.0 mile long run
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 5.04 mile interval run, Long Night Shift
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Long Day Shift followed by 3.93 mile steady run

Weekly Miles – 19.97 miles
Total 2013 miles – 94.12 miles

Sponsors from 4/2/13 to 12/2/13 – £185
Total 2013 sponsors – £788 😀

Sadly just a quick one this week. As the blog title would suggest, I am Knackered with a capital K!!!!

Beginning to feel the burn a bit with all the training, mothering, and working. The night shifts are taking up a whole amount of time and leaving me tired. I don’t think I realised how tired I felt until I ran after a long shift at work on Sunday. It was hard, and although my pace had been picking up over the last couple of weeks I was super slow on that run. Ok, granted, my bag was heavy, I had just finished a long day at work, and it was freezing cold and snowing. But still felt disappointed! When you know you can run so much faster you feel very sluggish with concrete blocks for legs that stamp their way across South London!

In the bright side it looks as if 100 miles will be breached this next week!

So I guess I’m in need of a bit of running TLC. Matt and I have a weekend to ourselves next weekend, and seriously considering booking us both in for a massage somewhere. Not to mention a couple of lay ins and a proper long run together! Hurrah!

And the first run is incredibly close! Only 6 weeks or so away, nervous!

Our first run is the Kingston Breakfast Run which is 8 miles throughout our home town. Also holds some emotion for me, as when I ran it last year I raised over £1000 for MDC and my brother was still with us. Just one week later he passed peacefully away and I felt like all my effort to raise money was wasted. Of course, nearly one year on I know it will have gone towards benefiting other families affected my MD, and towards research looking for a cure.

At last years Kingston Breakfast Run, shortly after crossing the finishing line 🙂

Amazed by donations recently. Almost at £800 already and still so many people that can donate. JustGiving are running a competition, in which the two pages with the most donations in two weeks receives an extra £100 towards their target. So there really is no better time to dig deep and donate!

In other news, I am now at my lowest post pregnancy weight (thought I would throw that in there!) still a little but more to go but heading in the right direction!

Love to all and next week will be a more productive blog and I’ll be announcing an exciting development in my push for awareness !!!

Love to all

Sarah xxxx


One thought on “Week 6 – Feeling the burn(ing of candles at both ends)

  1. Sarah, you are doing an amazing thing – be proud of yourself!!! Hope you and Matt have a splendid, re-energising weekend!!! Love, Julia x


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