January Round Up

Just a short post to give you all a round up of my training and fundrasing for January 2013…….

JustGiving Donations for January totalled £385.00!!!

With many many many thanks to (Drumroll)

Izzy Synott, Terie Duffy (twice!), Nicki Ellis, Anna Gould, Celia Ukairo, Maria Garcia, Michael Powell, Emma Wells (and my Aunt and Uncle), Amanda Hewitt, Dave Scott, Adele Greening, Kimberlee Carr, Kate Lafferty, Suzanne Harding, Annemarie Campbell, Stacie Goddard, Jonny and Sanja Booth, Therina Clark, and, Catherine Pearce.

Offline donations/pledges totalled £60!!!

With Thanks to Vanessa Kerr, Tess Dunning, Mandy Twining, Gavin Simpson, Maria Madrid, Catherine Dononoe, and the two other kind donors whose names I have not yet seen on the sponsor form but have been assure of their pledge 😉 I will give you a belated thank you properly in February’s round up!

Bake sale money came to £38…. not bad for a few homemade cakes huh?!?

Now onto business……..

Mileage for January came in at 59.58 miles, 24 miles off the monthly average target to complete the 1000 miles in 2013. However, there is a perfectly good reason for this (except for being ill, and being snowed under, hahahaha) – sarcasm, get it? 😉

I have to complete on average 83 miles each month to hit my target this year. But the first month in marathon training (getting ready for April) always starts light and in the next two months I will make this up and more! By the time the London Marathon has come and gone I will be way past my target 😀

Records broken in January

Fastest 1k

Fastest 5k

Fastest 10k

Fastest 1mile

Longest run of 2013

Farthest Distance of 2013

As of 31st January, days to first race…… 52! Yikes!

Heres hoping for no more snow, no more illness, and staying injury free!


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