Snowy Days

ImageWeek Three Training and Fundraising

Monday – 3.98 mile Threshold Run followed by Long Night Shift

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Long Day Shift, Core Work

Thursday – Training Day at Work followed by 3.86 mile Steady Run

Friday – Long Night Shift

Saturday – 2.55 mile (disappointing) Snow Run, including 10 Hills!

Sunday – Too much snow and ice for my planned 8 mile run so ……. Rest, Husbands Birthday!

Weekly Mileage – 10.39

2013 Total Mileage – 38.95

Weekly Sponsors – £120!!! 😀

Total Sponsors – £236

No Bake Sale this week 😦

So this week brought snow, and a definite down turn in training. I did however go out for one snow run, that incorporated my hill training, but it was slow, and extremely tough! I did do some information sharing with fellow runners before going out for my run and found some really useful tips which some of you guys may find handy too. Some of these tips are from the top of my head though. Things I wish I’d thought of before I left.

1) Try to go out and run before the snow turns to ice. Running through the snow is a bit like running through mud, and it really made my hamstrings and calves burn. But running through mud is preferable, and safer, than skidding on ice.

2) Go slow. Try to take it a little slower than you normally would on a steady jog. Switch on your core and focus on the path ahead. No day dreaming or you may miss that rock/tree root hiding beneath the snow.

3) Keep your feet close to the ground, and your strides short. You are much less likely to slip and fall.

4) Take you mobile and try to stay local and within your network signal. That way if you do get hurt you can call for help, or it isn’t too far to limp home!

5) Reflective gear, even in the day. I ran at night and made sure I had reflective strips on my jacket and trousers. You could even think about strapping some mini bike lights to the backs of your elbows and calves so cars can’t miss you (My AHA! moment half way through my run)

6) I actually decided to run on the side of the road when the paths were quite icy. Make sure the roads are quiet side roads though, don’t run along the high street in the middle of the road (sounds obvious, but there are some people that take things quite for gospel!). Remember to pull in when cars are coming and run into oncoming traffic (especially if you have headphones in). It is easy to miss a car coming up behind you, but you can’t really miss headlights glaring in your face!

7) It had actually stopped snowing for my run, but if it was snowing I would have considered wearing a pair of sunglasses (not your Prada’s ladies!). Snow in the eyes hurts, no two ways.

8) I also smeared vaseline over my lips and cheeks, my skin dries out at the best of times, without a -7 wind chill on it.

9) I have read about some running trainers made specifically for snow. I would never spend money on a pair for the once a year covering we get. But if you live somewhere that regularly gets a good few inches of snow, it could be the difference between training or not.

Despite all of this, I didn’t go for my long run today. 2.55 miles in the snow took me long enough, and 8 miles seemed a stretch too far for me. I would like to say a big well done to all my fellow MDC runners who made it out in the snow this week for good mileage….! My mileage as a result is suffering a bit of a deficit, but keep telling myself that in the weeks to come I will more that make up for that! 8 miles will seem like nothing when I am pounding the path on a 16 mile training run!

Fundraising has taken a definite turn for the good this week. Have doubled my total sponsors in one week! And it isn’t even payday this week 🙂 Thanks to all those who have donated. No bake sale this week. Spent an awful lot of time at work where I spent some fashion of time in the hospital every day for nine days. Not good!

Looking forward to next weeks training and sharing some tips on Fartlek training, a type of speed work I am actually fond of would you believe??!

Until then keep warm guys, and roll on Kings payday on Thursday (and more sponsors!). I’m off to make a Facebook Page to spread the word!!!!


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