The only way is up ….. A very big hill that is!

Week two training and fundraising

Monday – Long Night Shift
Tuesday – 3.4 mile Steady Run
Wednesday – 7.02 mile Long Run
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 3.34 mile Steady Run, Night Shift
Saturday – 3.4 mile Hill Run – 10 uphill runs!
Sunday – Long Day Shift, Bake Sale

Weekly Mileage – 17.16 miles
2013 Total Mileage – 28.56 miles

Weekly Sponsors – £0 😦
Bake Sale – £14

Total Raised so far – £116

Hills, hills, hills. A dreaded time in marathon training, along with any speed work and intervals that I don’t particularly like.

You could say I am a slow and steady girl. At least that’s what the Nike+ app has described me as!

So why am I bothering to complete a part of my training I hate when I could just go out for a lovely jog?

Well, I’ll tell you.

While hills are intense, slow you down, lessen your stride, and absolutely kill you off the next day, they are an incredibly important part of any long distance training. Done regularly they help to strengthen your leg muscle, quickens your stride and lengthens stride length on flats and develops your cardiovascular system, making your body overall more efficient for running. Over the course of around six weeks of regular training most runners notice a significant difference in their overall speed on flats and the power in their legs.

However, I may know this, but it still doesn’t make it any more appealing to me. I’ve included a transcript of my brain during last nights run…..

Warm up – Blimey it is chilly, should have put on more layers or at least a hat.

1st Hill – yeah, this is good, I can do 10 hills easy peasy

2nd Hill – still feeling good, why is there a Christmas tree planted by the road?

3rd Hill – Do I really want to do 10 hills? Maybe I can get away with 7 or 8….

4th Hill – glad I didn’t wear more layers or a hat now.

5th Hill – OK, half way. I can do this.

6th Hill – actually, scrap that last thought I can’t do 10 hills what was I thinking??!

7th Hill – too late on a Saturday night to be running, and I have to bake when I get in!

8th Hill – oh….. crap, this…… hurts, don’t think …… I …… can ( 3 Facebook cheers! ) I can do it!

9th Hill – Nearly there

10th Hill – lets kill this! Yeah! (Punches air when gets to top of hill)

Cool down – man that was tough, I need a power song to finish strong (cue Heather Small)

There’s no denying it, hills hurt. They hurt while you do them, and the next day, even when you stretch. We have recently invested in a foam roller, like a free massage, damn it’s good.

There are however some things you can do to make the most of hills and make them more achieve able.

1) Slow down when running uphill, shorten your stride, and don’t try to go the same pace as when you are running flat. Mileage isn’t an important factor here, what matters is reaching the top!

2) switch on your core and keep as upright as possible. It can be really easy to slump over as you power up those hills. By remaining upright you reduce the risk of injury and strengthen your muscles more efficiently.

3) Be careful. It can be really easy to race downhill in a post uphill high! Keep the pace steady and stride short. When going uphill keep your feet close to the ground to reduce risk of tripping. You’ll have less distance to fall! Make sure you are in control of your running at all times. No one likes a messy runner!

4) Invest in some good power music, a good beat is great for keeping rhythm while running.

5) Never give up!

So although I hate running up hill, I will always do them (at least when my training plan dictates)! I know they will make me stronger on the day and help me achieve the best time possible.

From a fundraising point of view I had a knockout of a cake sale and they all got gobbled super quick. Even potentially got some separate orders in to add to the fund. Have my sponsor forms now so can dispense them round and really hoping for more online donations once end of month payday comes. However if you would like to donate now 🙂

Big love and toodle pip! Xxxx



5 thoughts on “The only way is up ….. A very big hill that is!

  1. Loving this blog! That’s a lot of hills. I think the only bit you missed what the tendency to employ increasingly graphic expletives the further up the hill you get and the more it hurts.


  2. what sort of incline/elevation are we talking here, need to start doing more of these, may take your lead and try it this week! great post!


  3. Awesome blog post!! Great running and really can’t believe you are doing 10 already, well done!! I also enjoy the hill runs, OK the hills hurt but it’s only for a short time and you get the reward of a nice slow jog down the hill. Always find hill training flies by and leaves me feeling reallyenergetic afterwards.Don’t forget to stretch really well after though, I have forgotten to before and boy your leg muscles are sore the next day!! I’m really looking forward to my next hill session now!


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