Off with a whimper

Week one training and fundraising

Monday – Long Night Shift
Tuesday – 2.4 mile Easy Run
Wednesday – Long Day Shift, Bake Sale
Thursday – Sick 😦
Friday – 3 mile Steady Run, Night Shift
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 6 Mile Run

Weekly Mileage – 11.4 miles
2013 Total Mileage – 11.4 miles

Weekly Sponsors – £40
Bake Sale – £12

Total raised so far – £102

So last week brought the first week of serious ‘official training’ and fundraising.

The beginning of the week brought a welcome easy run after a night shift. I positively bounded along the road without a care in the world and truly felt I could have run the marathon in world record time that night (although am sure it is the optimist in me at work there!) The beginning of the marathon training programme is really quite forgiving considering how much hard running I had been doing before Christmas in preparation for the Great South Run in October, and I kinda kept it up throughout November and December just to keep moving!

However, after a hugely successful bake sale at work on Wednesday (sold out!) some poorly reheated pasta on a rushed break meant I went down with a bought of food poisoning! That completely knocked my training schedule out of the water meaning I had to skip my core work Wednesday, shift a steady run from Thursday to Friday and completely miss a run on Saturday. Training all back on schedule now though and determined to meet all my targets this week.

Feeling very nervous about my training this year. More so than in 2007 and 2008. Think being a mother and full time midwife on two permanent night shifts and one day shift a week is proving a tough combination to juggle with intense training. Just keep reminding myself of the pain my brother endured of many years and why I am doing this, but marathon fitness sometimes feels a whole world away.

Really keen to do a weigh in this week and see my starting weight and aim for as close to pre pregnancy as I can by April and marathon time. Hopefully to lighter I am the faster I’ll become 😉 less weight to lug over the cobbles of London.

Need to get in with arranging other fundraising ideas. Would really like to do a raffle with some super prizes…… Just need to find the prizes first! Any other fundraising ideas hugely welcome. Fundraising has gotten off to a slow start but not surprising considering it is just after Christmas…. At least we have have hit out first £100 🙂

If you are interested in sponsoring us then please visit




One thought on “Off with a whimper

  1. Brilliant post Sarah!! Really motivational and inspiring and a really fun read – it’s great you are putting in all your stats and fundraising, a really good idea. You’re doing just great and I’m really proud of you!! x


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