New Year Dreams

So a new year has begun, too much food has been consumed and too little exercise has been done.

But that is all about to change right??!

Graham loved new year and our family tradition of a little gamble and giggle before saving a buck and watching everybody else’s fireworks (although he really hated them from a young age!) it seems strange to say we lost him last year, but by the time I run the big one in April a year would have passed and pain will hopefully ease. I know that with every penny and pound I raise that his fight will not have been in vain and we may help some unfortunate families out there facing what we faced all those years ago, A new diagnosis, and an uncertain future.

Today see the start my ‘official’ marathon training programme (coincidence that’s it starts today would you believe??!) and my first post night shift run of the year (after a little afternoon nap of course!)

So from here on in my blog will be BURSTING with fun figures and facts from my training 😉 and updates on my fundraising.

As well as running later today, I will also be baking for my first charity bake sales at work tomorrow. Pound coins at the ready!

Please please please get in the new year spirit and donate today 🙂

Looking forward to sharing the challenges if the coming year with you!

Sarah xxx


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