Fundraising a-go-go

So my JustGiving page is live! Actually feels great to be back on the money raising wagon. Although suddenly the thought of raising £3000 is daunting!

I am raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. MDC work to help individuals and families affect by Muscular Dystrophy. They pioneer research, provide support when needed, and raise much needed funds to make all this happen. Like any charity they rely on the kindness and generosity received through donations.

Some examples of what your money will buy can be found below

What your money funds

The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign has pioneered the search for treatments and cures for 50 years. They are dedicated to improving the lives of all children and adults affected by muscle-wasting conditions.

They rely almost entirely on voluntary donations. The money you raise helps us to continue our vital work:

providing free practical and emotional support

funding world-class research to find effective treatments and cures

campaigning to raise awareness and bring about change

awarding grants towards the cost of specialist equipment, such as powered wheelchairs

I want to make a donation.

£35 funds an hour of research that could lead us to a treatment or cure to improve and lengthen people’s lives.

£50 gives parents one hour with a specialist physiotherapist who can show them the valuable muscle-stretching techniques that could keep their child walking for longer.

£120 funds our freephone advocacy and advice telephone service for one day so staff can advise and signpost supporters who are experiencing difficulties with social care, education, access to specialist health care services and employment rights issues.

£148 funds our freephone Information Line for one day so staff can provide vital support to families and healthcare professionals on a wide range of conditions and issues.

£300 funds patient information on muscular dystrophy and related neuromuscular conditions to be displayed at clinics for patients

£400 funds a training module for allied health professionals including care advisors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

£500 allows our nationwide network of young people with muscular dystrophy and related conditions – the Trailblazers – to get together in their local area, to discuss how best to get jobs, socialise and live independently.

£520 funds our MD Links service for a month so that people with a rare condition can speak to others in their local area with the same condition.
£900 allows the charity to make a grant towards the cost of a child’s powered wheelchair.

£2,000 covers the running costs of a muscle centre for a week, providing diagnosis and multi-disciplinary care.

£2,000 funds a local Muscle Group for one year; providing peer-to-peer support and advice to families living with muscular dystrophy and related conditions.

funds our comprehensive information service for a week that includes our freephone Information Line, updating and supplying factsheets, advocacy support, peer-to-peer support programmes and workshops.

£5,000 allows us to ensure the voice of people living with muscular dystrophy and related conditions is heard loud and clear in each of the four Parliaments of the UK; through parliamentary events, lobbies and cross party groups.

£10,000 funds training days for allied health professionals including care advisors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists

£10,000 funds two months of pioneering research into the causes of and treatments for muscle disease.
£30,000 funds a PhD studentship for one year.

£100,000 supports a research students through their PhD, encouraging the brightest young scientists to stay in the field of neuromuscular research.

Been trying to think of ways to raise money instead of the usual sponsor route. So far I am working on these ideas –

Selling unwanted items
Bake sales
Collections at local train station
Raffle (need to find some prizes)
Enlisting a fundraising team!

So I will need some help. Anyone who feels they can give some time please please please get in contact with me either through this blog by leaving a comment, on Facebook or by text……

All those who would like to make a simple donation to our cause please go to

We look forward to your amazing support as ever and seeing the donations rolling in over the coming year!



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